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My name is williamina and I go by Willa and Mina. My listening skills are profound! The second I hear my fm call my name, I’m all ears and come running to her! Some things I am very good at: chewing bones, playing nicely with my toys, playing nicely with my foster brother, and going on walks. I don’t chew on shoes or other house hold items because I am given bones and toys! We do evening walks everyday and I am so good during them! I am immensely loyal to my people. I am full of love and energy and spunk! I don’t have accidents in the house, or in my kennel but my fm does let me out many times a day when she’s home. And when she’s at work I stay in my kennel and snooze. The two things I’m still working on are…my barking! I can’t help it I just love alerting my humans to everything I see I and hear, and I always let them know how I feel if I’m not in the mood to go to bed in my kennel! But after a min I just try to get a goodnights’ sleep! I am very nimble and quick and I love running and jumping. I’m good with kids! I like to kiss their face, fm says jumping is rude but I just love giving kisses! I’m also good with cats. There’s two in my foster home and I usually leave them alone but sometimes, in good spirits, I’ll give them a little chase. Just to keep it interesting! I’m a loving girl, I love cuddling, I love curling up on your lap or under the blankies with you. When I’m outside I’m so good about staying by your side. Will you be my forever home?

Love, Williamina

Age: Est DOB 8/13/2021
Gender: Female, spayed
Breed(s): Mixed Breed
Weight:  18.9lbs
Dog friendly: Yes
Cat friendly: Yes
Adoption fee: $300 plus tax