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Hi, I'm Willa. Research the Pointer breed and you will find descriptions of me - I am not a dog, I am a family member. I am loveable, pushy, stubborn, fun, energetic, playful, anxious, velcro-dog, active, focused, and willing to please. 


Don't let my age describe my energy level as I am still on the go and want to play. However do let my age describe my abilities such as potty trained. 


I love squeaky toys. For Christmas, I have asked for a bin FULL of toys. I carry them around in my mouth all the time. This is so much fun! If you are going to kennel me, I will protest. I will bark and bark if you kennel me - so no apartment living for me. I prefer a house with my own fenced yard where I can be queen and you can throw the ball for me. I don't want to share my toys with other dogs and I will let them know - remember, I told you I am queen. If other dogs are going to leave me alone and let me do my thing, then I can live with that. I am not about to live with cats though - nope, no thanks, not my thing. I am looking for a family for the rest of my life that will be willing to keep up with me and do fun things as well as go home and eventually relax, enjoying the comforts of a plush couch and/or bed.


UPDATE since I have been in my foster home for about a month now, I have chilled out a pinch. I have learned to be ok in my kennel while my foster human is at work - because the other resident dogs are kenneled next to me. If they aren't, then I bark bark bark. I still love toys; shredding them, carrying them in my mouth, and not sharing. I am good to drop it though when the human asks me to. I let my foster human know when I need to go outside to potty and when I am ready to come back in- which is fairly quickly, unless I get on the scent of something. 

Once I get adopted, it might take a month or so for me to settle in. They say that sometimes it can take even 3 months. It's because I like people, I enjoy being with them and getting their attention. I can be ok with other dogs - I will put them in their place at first a couple of times and once they know I don't like them in my face or trying to get my toy, then I don't bother them a bit. I live freely with 2 other dogs in the home (they are seniors).

Age: Estimated DOB 3/6/12

Gender: Female, spayed

Breed(s): German Shorthair Pointer

Weight: 65 lbs

Dog friendly: Doesn’t want to share toys; "please don’t be in my face"

Cat friendly: No

Adoption fee: $250 plus tax

Helping animals in need.

Rescue. Nurture. Adopt. Educate.

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To be a part of an animal's journey to a better life; to love and provide safety to their forever home, is something truly special and what animal rescue is all about.  It's what we strive for.


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