Meet Wellington!

Wellington was found as a stray in East Grand Forks and ended up at the pound. Lucky for him, AND US, the nice staff there reached out to rescue for help. It was obvious he had something wrong with his left eye, but that didn’t stop his foster family (or us) from taking a chance on him.  We are so glad we did! We can’t imagine how hard it was to live on his own, out on the streets with vision in only 1 eye. It had to have been painful and uncomfortable, but he never showed it. After 2 weeks of eye meds showed no improvement, our vet advised it was best to remove it. Wellington hasn’t missed a beat since surgery. He’s all healed up and ready to find his fur-ever home.


Foster feedback: I'm very independent and toys are not my jam. I like to talk and will respond to my name. I enjoy lounging around and napping most days. I do love chin scratches and ear rubs. I also enjoy occasional bird watching and sky raisin catching. I enjoy talking to my foster feline friends but I'm not much into playing (that would interfere with my napping). I have four foster dog friends that I don't mind. I like to lay on the couch and watch them wrestle. If you are looking for a laid back, chatty, tuxedo pirate, I'm your man! PS: I prefer my foster Mom to my foster Dad, boys are kind of scary right now.

Age: Estimated DOB 7/20/2015.

Gender: Male, neutered

Breed(s): Domestic Short Hair 

Weight: 9.6lbs

Dog friendly: yes

Cat friendly: yes

Adoption fee: $125 plus tax