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Venti is a very sweet, fun loving, and very playful cat. She is very curious and loves to explore all the nooks and crannies she possibly can, however she rarely jumps on counters. She is extremely playful and has a lot of energy. Her favorite toys include laser pointers, feather toys, and anything with strings. Even if there isn't a cat toy in sight, she will always find something to play with (she’s amazed by toilets and water faucets). She also is very affectionate and loves to be held. On the rare occasion that she’s not in a playful mood, she does love a good cuddle. However she’ll wake you up as soon as she’s ready for some playtime again. She has a ton of personality and loves attention. Life will never be boring with Venti.

Age: Est DOB 07/2020
Gender: Female/Spayed
Breed(s):  Domestic Shorthair
Weight:  8 lbs
Dog friendly: Unknown
Cat friendly: Yes
Adoption fee: $125 plus tax