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Hey guys, I'm Ramsey! I have had a rough start to life and was brought to Journey Home after I was found hit by a car. It was tough for a while as I had to have orthopedic surgery and weeks of activity restriction. I am still healing and have to hold off on rough play and running, but just for a little longer. I am a sweet guy who just wants to be around my favorite humans, and right now this happens to be my foster mom. When she leaves the room I follow her or give little wines until she comes back. There is a cat and dog in my foster home too which I am very interested in. I am learning to not chase the cat and am getting better every day. I want to play with my canine foster sibling, but she is kinda old and isn't a fan of puppies, so instead I play with my toys, chew on bones, and love on my foster parents. I have already learned "sit" and "no" and am working on a few other commands. I sit nicely before getting my food and before coming out of my kennel. I catch on fast and am very food motivated. My favorite activity is chewing for sure! Some times I forget not to chew on my humans... but I am getting better. I am potty trained as long as you take me out every couple hours and most nights can make it through the night. I do well in my kennel and am getting better with leash walking as well! All around, I am a great pup who is looking for a better life with a loving family and a home to call my own. Adopt me today!  



Ramsey was brought to Journey Home after he was found hit by car. After being seen by the emergency vet, he was found to have a broken Humerus and bruised lungs. He received X-rays, pain medications, and an injection to prevent blood clots. He will need orthopedic surgery and the road to recovery will be difficult. He has been through a lot in in young age and we need YOUR help to ensure this pup has a fighting chance.


Estimated Vet Bill is over $1,000.

PLEASE help us care for this sweet and injured pup! Click the link below.


Age: Estimated DOB 8/13/20

Gender: Male, neutered

Breed(s): German Shepherd mix

Weight: Approximately 20lbs

Dog friendly: yes

Cat friendly: yes - working on this, but no aggression.

Adoption fee: $300 plus tax

Helping animals in need.

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To be a part of an animal's journey to a better life; to love and provide safety to their forever home, is something truly special and what animal rescue is all about.  It's what we strive for.


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