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Hello my name is Ragnar! I came into rescue because I just wasn't fitting in anymore with my previous home, now I'm looking for the home that will be that perfect fit! I'm a big lovable guy who adores being petted, brushed, cuddled and generally loved on. I love my food too but not as much as I love people's attention. There's no such thing as too much love and attention, right? I warm up to others, even guests immediately. I like to be in the room with others when you're home, if I'm apart I get a little anxious and worked up when separated. I do great on my own when my foster parents are at work, school, or away though. I haven't had any accidents and never scratch where I'm not supposed to. I like to laze around most of the day, but every now and then I like to play. I've recently met my foster parent's resident cat and did really well, I think it'd be great to be in a home where I have a buddy. I'm not a fan of the resident dogs though, they still make me very nervous and protective. Would I be the perfect fit in your home?

Age: 08/04/2016
Gender: Male/Neutered
Breed(s):  Domestic Shorthair
Weight:  14.7 lbs
Dog friendly: No learning to live with small dogs
Cat friendly: Yes
Adoption fee: $125 plus tax