This gentle and loving girl is Reign. She was found lying on the side of the road, a spot that she likely would have died at if not rescued. She is a young pup (less than a year old) who by the shape she is in, knows nothing but neglect, hunger, disease, and pain - yet she somehow still has love in her heart and is a sweetie! 


She has very SEVERE mange which has caused infected open sores and the rest of her skin to be inflamed, bleeding, and painful. She also has a significant amount of woodticks on her which likely has caused additional infections. Because of the mange and wood ticks she is very anemic, weak, and sick. 


If that were not enough, she also has a life-threatening infection of her uterus which requires emergency surgery to save her life. 


Her veterinary bills are estimated to be ~$4,000. We nee your help to give her the love, attention, care, and the life no one else will.


PLEASE GIVE and be the reason this deserving sweet girl will have a chance at life where she is loved and cared for.

Reign - Stray Found Fighting for Her Life