We have received 8 of the dogs and they are in worse condition than expected. They required immediate vet care and overnight stays at the clinic. We are hopeful they will start to improve after receiving immediate medical care. There are at least 15 more dogs in need of our help, including another litter of puppies.




Over the past year we have been working with a gentleman to help assist in accepting numerous dogs and puppies of his own. As time passed, he has trusted our rescue to find loving homes for his pets and has now decided to surrender over 19 more dogs and puppies. Since he has made such a big decision, we would like to do our best to assist him as quick as possible to get these animals the care they need. All the animals have mange, are malnourished, and need immediate medical care. They will also need more time and care while in foster, which often means they are even more appreciative and loving! This is a big undertaking for our little rescue and we need your help. The prior 9 dogs we helped him with were remarkable dogs: Fern, Ivy, Ash, Chamomile, Hans, Rolger, Inez, Rueben, & Agnes. They were (and still are) amazing dogs and we know the new dogs will be too. We have a big goal to reach!


We need to raise $6,200 to get all these dogs vetted and onto a life of better health. We need fosters and we need funds! Please donate, foster, share this post! These dogs deserve the best and we will get it for them. Let’s join together and help these dogs get the care and attention the need.

Help us save 19+ Dogs