Ready for your heart to break? These kittens have been fighting for their lives pretty much since they were born. They have been diagnosed with Coccidia (intestinal parasite) and Calicivirus (severe upper respiratory infection). They are SEVERELY sick and have been fighting for weeks - each day is a struggle to live. They have been receiving nebulizer treatments and eye washes multiple times a day, oral meds daily, assistance with feedings throughout the day, were receiving subq fluids twice a day for approx 10-14 days, and the list goes on. 


Unfortunately they have already lost one littermate to these diseases despite our many efforts. 



Two of these kittens are scheduled for eye surgery due to their eyelids attaching to themselves. They will need to have their eye lids unattached often so they don't heal back together again and will be kept at the vet for a few days.


Help fund their medical treatments and BE THE REASON these kittens LIVE!

Help SAVE these Kittens