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Hi! I’m Pinto! I’m a bundle of energy and will follow you around everywhere you go and play with you all day! I’m great on a leash and I love to walk around as long as you let me stop and smell along the way! I go to the potty outside and have only had a couple of accidents but that’s cause my foster mama was not quick enough getting me out because I make sure to whine when I want out! I don’t love my kennel but will go in willingly if my favorite treat or squeaky toy is thrown in! I sleep really well at night in my kennel and make sure to whine a little if I need to go potty!I’m still a puppy so I still love to chew on things and am working on only chewing on my toys! I’m so fun to have around and would love to be a part of your family!! Please adopt me!


Pinto came to Journey Home infected with Parvo and needing treatment. 


Parvo is a contagious canine virus with mortality reaching 91% in untreated cases. Treatment often involves veterinary hospitalization and helps alleviate symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration.


Please help us FIGHT for Pinto's life and well-being by funding a share of his medical treatment.

Age: Estimated DOB 7/29/20

Gender: Male, neutered

Breed(s): Jack Russell Cross


Dog friendly: yes

Cat friendly: unknown

Adoption fee: $300 plus tax

Helping animals in need.

Rescue. Nurture. Adopt. Educate.

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To be a part of an animal's journey to a better life; to love and provide safety to their forever home, is something truly special and what animal rescue is all about.  It's what we strive for.


Grand Forks, ND and surrounding areas

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