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Meet Marla Pooch or Marla for short. What an adorable little sweetie. She is an energetic and goofy little girl who also loves snuggling. She loves playing with toys and her canine foster siblings. She is doing so great with potty and kennel training. She hasn’t had any accidents when let out frequently. She sleep all night in her kennel and doesn’t mind being kenneled while her fosters are at work. She is a puppy and will occasionally try and play with shoes but is easily redirected when told no. Marla will be the perfect little addition to any family and she can’t wait to find her forever home! 

Age: Estimated 5-6 months old

Gender: Female, spayed

Breed(s): Terrier Mix


Dog friendly: Yes

Cat friendly: unknown

Adoption fee: $300 plus tax

Available for adoption after 4/23/21.