Mackie 2
Mackie 3

Mackie has been in our home for a few days now. He is a great and lovable dog. He loves to cuddle but is also happy to cuddle up by himself. He sleeps in a kennel with a dog bed and a blanket and does fabulous. He barks at times when you put him in the kennel and leave and you just have to tell him no and he stops. He warmed up to our large dog very last and loves to play chase with him. He also enjoys a good game of tug a war. He has also met other large dogs (all male) and loved playing with them too. He met a cat that he also wanted to play with, however, the cat did not and he ran away barking!! He has met multiple children and is great with them. Mackie would be a great addition to any family! 

Age: DOB 10/2019

Gender: Male, neutered

Breed(s): Miniature Pinscher mix


Dog friendly: yes

Cat friendly: unknown

Adoption fee: $250 plus tax

Available for adoption after 6/13/20.