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Hi, I'm Lyra!

I came to the rescue with my two puppies Goose and Moosey. I've been through a lot and it was hard to be away from my puppies, but I warmed up to my foster family quickly. I had a few accidents the first night, but since I've been doing great with going potty outside! I absolutely love snuggling, pets, and giving surprise kisses! If you're looking for a snuggle buddy, I'm your gal! 

I love to play wrestle and play with my canine foster sister, but I prefer to snuggle on the couch with the humans! I'm curious about my feline foster brothers, but one of them gave me a good whack to the face... I've stayed clear of them ever since then! I get along great with my foster family's 4-year-old tiny human, even if he gives me rough pets sometimes. 

I tend to get anxious when I'm in my crate or away from my foster family. I'm working on crate training, I tend to howl when I'm in my crate, so I might not be the best fit for apartment living. I love chew toys and playing tug-o-war! I've been working on basic commands, I do great with recall, sit, and stay! I am very food motivated and I'm a people pleaser! Will you be my snuggle buddy?


Gender: Female, spayed

Breed(s): Lab Mix


Dog friendly: yes

Cat friendly: unknown

Adoption fee: $250 plus tax