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Calypso is a very energetic and loving little girl. She is always on the move and loves to play. She loves people (once she gets to know you) and loves attention. If you noticed she is missing her right eye, but that doesn’t slow her down at all. She can be startled easily and takes a little time to warm up to strangers. She also exhibits resource guarding with her food/toys/treats/foster parents. She will thrive in a home that would be willing and patient to work with her on that behavior. She takes time to warm up to new dogs as she likes to be the boss and have all the attention. She has a foster sibling who she now gets along with pretty well. She loves to go on walks and she does incredibly well in the kennel. She sleeps all night in the kennel next to her foster parents bed without a peep. She is not quite potty trained and is working really hard on it, but she does well when let out frequently and has had no accidents in the kennel. Calypso can’t wait to find a family that loves to cuddle and play!

Age: Estimated DOB 5/21/19

Gender: Female, spayed

Breed(s): Chihuahua mix

Weight: 5-10lbs

Dog friendly: yes

Cat friendly: unknown

Adoption fee: $250 plus tax