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Hi, I’m Jemma! I came into foster care with Journey Home a very scared, shy and sad girl. I spent my first couple days laying in my kennel (my safe space) or by the door, unsure of people or animals. Even through I was standoffish at first, I have been very sweet since the beginning.  I recently was separated from my puppies who were old enough to be on their own, so that may have contributed to my sad behavior, and there were times it seemed I was even looking for them. I sleep and eat in my kennel, and do well for the most part, but sometimes wake up and cry, or whine in the morning when I want to come out. Before being rescued, my puppies and I were living in someone’s yard, and didn’t have a home, so this has been a big adjustment for me. Over the last couple days, I’ve really started to come out of my shell. I first opened up to my canine foster sister, and then to people. I love to play with anyone or anything that will play with me, even my cat foster siblings! My energy has really started to make itself known, but I am still scared and shy in new situations. I love food! Even when I was scared and shy, I wasn’t afraid to eat! I’m not a big chewer, but I will sneak your shoes into my kennel with me and lay on them, so keep an eye out. I’m still learning potty training, but I can hold it for VERY long periods of time. When I first came into foster, I didn’t go to the bathroom for almost 24 hours! I go potty outside, but have also had a couple accidents in the house, but I am working on it. I am not aggressive at all, and love kisses and to cuddle once I feel safe around you. I’m still pretty young, and new to this whole home thing, so I’m learning the ropes, but I will make an amazing companion! I’m so happy I was rescued, and can’t wait to find a permanent loving home.

Age: 1-2 years old

Gender: Female, spayed

Breed(s): German Shepherd Mix


Dog friendly: yes

Cat friendly: yes

Adoption fee: $250 plus tax

Available for adoption after 10/24/20.

Helping animals in need.

Rescue. Nurture. Adopt. Educate.

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To be a part of an animal's journey to a better life; to love and provide safety to their forever home, is something truly special and what animal rescue is all about.  It's what we strive for.


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