Jedi Leg Brake

Update 4/11/2020: Jedi has been working very hard at not working hard the past few weeks! He continues to recover from his surgery which means complete down time, snuggles and LOTS of chew toys! He will need another follow up xray at the end of April. This isn't stopping him from trying to find his forever home though! He would love to find his new human(s) to finish recovering with! 



Update 2/23/2020: My leg was pinned on 2/21/20. I have to have restricted activity for 5 weeks and a recheck x-ray in 5 weeks. I go in for bandage changes every 5-7 days for the next 2-3 weeks. Wish me luck (and my foster mom) to get through the next 5 weeks with restricted activity since I'm just a pup! I am adding some toys and puzzles to the amazon with list to help keep my mind busy while I heal. Check it out here.

Update 2/20/2020: SUPER SAD NEWS today: I got my leg looked at today and my front right humerus has an old break, close to the elbow. I will need to see an orthopedic surgeon for surgery. We are looking for sponsorship to help alleviate these costs. I came from a rural ND pound when my time was up and no one claimed me. 

Jedi is still settling in....but we can tell already he is a snuggle bug so far and wants to play with his big brothers so badly! He has a little owie in his toe and his leg bothers him and is keeping him from running too fast right now though, but hopefully with a little TLC he will be good as new soon. He loves to give kisses and sits for treats like a big boy. He has already gone potty outside several times already too! He appears to be a total sweetheart...

Age: Est DOB 9/26/19

Gender: Male, neutered 

Breed(s): Cattle Dog mix

Weight: 26 lbs

Dog friendly: Yes

Cat friendly: Unknown

Adoption fee: $250 plus tax