Jackson 3
Jackson 2

Jackson is my personal favorite out of the litter! He’s the biggest & looks like he’s going to be the biggest forever based on his paw size, but he’s also a gentle giant. He will play hard with his siblings for 5 minutes but then he’ll go off by himself to find a good place to take a nap. He’s also content just sitting & watching everything that is going on, which I feel is pretty rare to see in a puppy. He loves humans of all sizes, especially when they offer him their arms to take a nap in. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him bark, however, he is notorious for grunting loudly when his sleep gets disrupted. 

Age: Est DOB 3/28

Gender: Male, neutered



Dog friendly: 

Cat friendly: 

Adoption fee: $300 plus tax

Available to go to adoptive home approx 6/1/20.