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Hi I'm Inky. I'm a little shy and scared with all the new things happening to me. You see, I used to be someone's pet and I lived a pretty good life inside with food and warmth. Then one day, they put me outside and ignored me. I don't know what I did wrong. It was really scary out there all alone. Thankfully, some nice people found me and took me in and gave me food and warmth again. They say I'm going to find a forever home where I won't have to worry about being cold or hungry again. I promise to love you forever if you do the same! 

Age: Est 11 months old

Gender:  Female, spayed

Breed(s): Domestic Shorthair

Weight: 6.1 lbs

Dog friendly: Unknown

Cat friendly: Slow introductions - I get scared/nervous

Adoption fee: $125 plus tax