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Foster mom here with some info on Freddy. He is an absolute lover! Wants to follow me around and get all the pets. He would rather get pets than play. He is very bossy and demanding about his pets. And trust me, he will tell you all about it if he's not getting enough attention. He will need regular brushing and we are working on him getting used to it. He does like other cats but he is an alpha cat and won't put up with another alpha cat. His ideal home would be with someone who will give him all the attention, no small kids, and a mellow cat who will play with him but not get beat up my him.

Age: Est DOB 10/2020
Gender: Male/Neutered
Breed(s): Ragdoll/Tabby mix
Dog friendly: Unknown
Cat friendly: Yes but he plays rough
Adoption fee: $125 plus tax