Resources to Support Pet Ownership


Bringing a Dog into a New Home

Read for advice from a veterinarian trained in animal behavior and health. She address the best way to add a new dog, whether it is adding a lifelong friend to  your family, or a visiting dog at the holidays. The points she covers will apply to a pooch visiting your home, as well as if you’re considering adding a lifelong friend to your family. This article is concise and most importantly, helpful!

Decompression Tips for New Dogs

Bringing a new pet into a new environment can be stressful to everyone (humans, current pets, new pet, etc).  It is important to give time and space to all pets in the environment - to allow them to decompress.  This helps them learn about the new situation and environment without having to react.  They can become more comfortable and aware of what will be expected from them. This article talks about fostering but is just as important to adopters and even those who have multiple resident dogs that aren't getting along.

Separation Anxiety

This article has great information on separation anxiety, especially related to puppies.

Do you have a dog that is over attached to you? Read this.

Introducing Dogs

It is important that proper introductions are done with resident and new canines. These articles will help set the pets up for a successful relationship.

This article gives tips on things you should do prior to bringing home a new dog, things to be aware of, and additional tips.

Click HERE for an article discussing how to spot canine body language and tips on introducing dogs to each other.

Have you ever wondered how you should properly introduce dogs to each other while on a walk? If so, you can read all about it in this article.

Some additional tips are:

-Have lots of high value treats (diced up chicken, string cheese) and make sure both dogs are getting high rewards every few seconds.

-Calm praise

-Create distance between dogs if you sense tension or hard stares are building. 

Potty Training your Dog

This is a good upbeat video on potty training and also has some brief info on crate training.


Female/Female Dog Households

Save-A-Bull Rescue in MN has compiled a great and informative article on multiple female dog households.

Reactivity 'Workshop' for Dogs

3 basic steps are discussed in this article for working with a reactive dog. If you want more information or in depth training, there are workshops available through this site that not only focus on canine behavior but incorporate human drills as well.

Leash Reactive Dogs & Working Through it with Them

To learn how to help calm a dog that is barking and lunging while on leash, this article (with video) is for you.

This article discussed how to help a reactive dog move past distractions.

If you have a fearful dog, read this article to learn how to help ease their fears.

If you have a dog who is reactive on walks to people or dogs, this video is a great resource. The tips mentioned are also a good thing to practice inside for mental stimulation/exercise, especially if you can't get out for regular outdoor exercise due to the weather.

Traditional Dog Training vs Leadership without Force

This webpage discusses why using dominance and assertion over dog in attempts to "control" them, ultimately lead to an atmosphere of fear and competition. It discusses how in order to change undesired behavior we have to remove rewards for undesirable behavior and focus instead on rewarding good behavior.

Teaching your Dog Manners

In this article, you will learn how to gain leadership by controlling all the resources that motivate the pet and requiring the pet willingly work for these items instead of getting them for free. Now, the focus is on using all valued resources to reward desirable behaviors while simultaneously removing the rewards for undesirable behavior. This is a great read for invaluable information.

Click HERE for a 'Puppy Biting Checklist'.

How to Crate Train Your Dog

-Looking for some guidance when it comes to crate training your dog? This training guide may be just what you need!

-Click HERE for a Guide to Positive Crate Training.


-This video is a helpful resource on how to introduce a new dog to a crate.

















-This video shows how to help an older dog acclimate to a crate. Slow is always better when it comes to help a dog become acclimated to new confinement, training tools and environments.


Training a Deaf Dog

Here is a great video for training a deaf dog. A big point is when the dog does a behavior you have asked of him or just when he is being "good", mark it by giving him a signal (the trainer in this video does a quick 3 finger hand flash as her marker) and then give him a reward.


Puppy Socialization

These two articles (article 1 and article 2) are great resources for instruction and tips for socializing your puppy, in the home and while out with others. 


Small animals

Coming Soon

*Thank you Rabbit Rescue of MN for sharing the following information with us.


Bunny Care Packet

This document includes all the Bunny Basics and it a great resource to those new to rabbit ownership or fostering.

Rabbit Housing

This document discusses rabbit housing, what is needed, recommended, and suggested places to purchase items. 

Rabbits and Children

Click HERE for an article with great tips on how to ensure your children have safe and positive interactions with your rabbit.

Can Cats/Dogs & Rabbits Live Together?

People often wonder if rabbits can safely and comfortably live in the same household with cats and dogs. For information on interspecies living with cats, click HERE.

For information on interspecies living with dogs, click HERE.

Guinea Pig Basics

Click HERE for a great resource on guinea pigs that discusses general temperament, requirements for enclosures, diet, and other needs.

Visit this site to learn more about how to properly set up and clean your guinea pig cage.

Guinea Pig Care Guide

This article is a more in depth yet easy to read guide on providing great care for your guinea pig(s). 

For more information on cages and space requirements, click here and here.

To learn about a hybrid guinea pig bedding option and their potty behavior, visit this site.