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Hello Everyone! 


My name is Dexter (aka… pup, hey you, dude, & Dex) and these humans think I’m about 5 months old! The humans found me & my brother while we were out searching for some grub one day, it was the wildest thing, they GAVE us grub and lots of wet water. I almost can’t believe it, but I haven’t had to go on endless searches since, except to this object the humans call a “kennel”. I’m not the biggest fan of that structure but it’s ok. I get some good grub & zzzz’s in there. 


I love all humans!! It doesn’t matter if they are big or small, old or young, as long as I can see them, life is that much better. The other creatures who are at this “house” structure are a big fluffy dog (she’s pretty, but I’m not sure how smart she is… the circles.. she just keeps running in circles, and bringing the humans the round object they call a ball back to them). Then, there’s a dog, kinda like me, she’s a little thing and doesn’t play with me like the fluffy one but I’m cool with that. 



Doing good with short walks and having it on around the house


Does not go potty in his kennel, excited piddles when getting out of kennel otherwise is going outside & working on bell training



Has a good appetite, likes treats



Kennel training in progress, loves to nap on the floor or foot of the bed



Will play outside with the other dogs, overall very mellow puppy who is content chewing on his toys or napping at our feet



Quick learner, loves to be petted and scratched. We have a cat who he has seen & briefly barked at but doesn’t seem to mind her. He is good in the car. Doesn’t bark at our neighbors. Dexter has made foster mom’s job very easy! 

Age: Estimated DOB 3/3/20

Gender: Male, neutered

Breed(s): German Shepherd mix


Dog friendly: yes

Cat friendly: unknown

Adoption fee: $300 plus tax