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Weight (lbs):


Male, neutered

Terrier mix

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Rufus has been settling into his new foster home well. He is a happy-go-lucky guy who LOVES belly rubs. Rufus loves belly rubs so much he stopped mid-walk just to get a quick one before continuing on. He loves any sort of dog toy, and tries to put as many of them in his mouth at one time as he can. He has been doing great with potty training. He is catching onto the routine and has started sitting by the door when he needs to go outside. He has enjoyed the new snow also, and sometimes I think he just wants to go outside to jump in the snow bank. At night he has been doing well with sleeping on his blanket by our bed instead of kennel. No accidents. We do have some dog beds, but Rufus seems to think those are just big dog toys to play with, and try to get the pesky zippers off, instead of lay on them. His fluff provides some insulation, so a cool spot on the floor seems to be his preferred spot for a nap. Two things we are working on are liking his kennel, and his hair brush a little better. He is kenneled during the day when we are at work, and each day we do a little brushing to try and get him more used it. His wild scruffy hair certainly adds to his charm and unique look though. His “terrier” does come out when he sees a stranger walking on the street, or when the neighbor kids are playing outside, he needs to let us know. He is easily redirected, and the more he has been exposed to the new environment, his barking has gotten better. Having to alert his people to some neighborhood activities will probably just be a part of his terrier life though. Someone with the right patience would help him not get carried away. He has played well with our resident dogs. Not too rough or bossy. He has not shown any signs of resource guarding. He has let me take his bones, and the other pups be near him when eating. Rufus really is a happy, sweet guy who would enjoy a family willing to provide endless belly rubs, lots of fun toys, and romps in the snow.