Pilot Pogo

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Weight (lbs):


Male, neutered

Chihuahua Mix

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Hi I’m Pilot Pogo!

I came all the way from Puerto Rico as a rescue, and I have shown every day how grateful I am by showing my affection for my foster humans. I am the biggest lover, and BEST cuddle buddy!

I love laying in my foster moms lap every chance I get. I love being held too! I enjoy any kind of affection. Fluffy blankets and dog beds are one of my favorite things. Naps are the most important part of the day, especially when I can cuddle up to you under a big soft blanket.

I am doing great on potty training. I don’t go potty in my kennel, and I have very minimal accidents!

I really like the big dog and small dogs in the home! We love sharing toys. The small dogs and I like to cuddle too. We share foster moms lap and her attention. Sometimes we get the “zoomies” together.

I am very affection motivated. I love making my foster parents happy and getting positive reactions with pets from them. I am a little picky on my choice of treats, but once you find the good ones I am treat motivated!

I sleep in my kennel at night and when my foster parents are at work. Sometimes I start to whine in the morning when I’m ready to go out and go potty.

Overall, I am a very happy boy who enjoys affection. I would love to be your cuddling, napping, and lap buddy. Adopt me!