Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Female, spayed

German Shepherd Mix


Dog Friendly:

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Adoption Fee:

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Hi I'm Nancy and I am looking for my forever home!

I am a very smart girl who picks up on training quickly. I sit quietly while you put my leash on and if you ask me to wait while you put my dish down before eating I will sit until you tell me it is okay. I always go to the door when I need to go out, I have never had an accident in the house. I do not mind my kennel and will sleep quietly all night or if needed in the day. I whine a little when I first go in but if I have something to chew on I am quiet after a few minutes.

I am still a little nervous about car rides and new places but I am getting better the more I do these things. I need a bit more leash training, if I get excited I may pull and you may need to bring my attention back to you.

Mostly I love to play and engage with all the humans I meet and other dogs too. I am energetic and friendly! I am very good at retrieving back anything you throw so you can throw it again. I also like to play tug with you and my foster dog brother. My foster dog brother is a lot smaller than I am. I am careful not to hurt him, but sometimes he gets tired before I do. While playing and learning new things really is my favorite thing to do I am also very affectionate and love to cuddle and watch a movie.

If you think you might be my forever home please fill out an application so we can meet!

I am still a working breed puppy. I will require a exercise to be successful in my new home. This would include a yard to run off energy (with my human) or doggie day care visits, along with long walks and training, or a combination of these, to meet my physical and mental stimulation needs.