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Male, neutered

Rottweiler Mix


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Morty is a sweet Rottweiler mix puppy. He is about one of the cutest darn puppies we have ever met. He is a chunky boy who loves his kibbles. When he is not enjoying his kibbles, he is PLAYING. Right now, play is life for him. He loves toys, other dogs, harassing the overly submissive resident cat, and zipping up and down the hallway. When that elusive moment hits where he has finally tired himself out, he sploots his little turkey butt across the floor and falls asleep, as angelic as can be. He has not typically been a fan of cuddling (he has way too many puppy missions to have time for that) but he is coming around to it. He wags his little stumpy tail whenever he is excited or happy and it is guaranteed to be the cutest little stumpy tail wagging you'll ever see. He is good in his kennel, but does do some puppy protesting when you first put him in. He has been working on his potty training skills. He was not a very promising candidate at first for potty trainee of the year, but he has upped that game recently and we are much more satisfied with his skills. Still a little work to do but he definitely is getting it. Not much else to say about him other than we are going to be very jealous of whoever scoops him up.