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Hello! Bagheera here. Doc says I no longer need eye drops! My eyes are well healed and I am now a “normal” kitty!! So I thought is was time for a status update!


I live in a foster home with a dog and cat. I love my dog friend and have learned many behaviors from her. So sometimes I act more like a dog than a cat. But…..(Shhhhhh! don’t tell her!) I have superpowers and skills that no dog could ever compare with. I also love my cat friend, but unfortunately, she does not like me so much so I don’t get to play with her often. I would love a home with other animals to play with, but I would also be ok in a home with just humans who would really like to interact with me. I am very social and like to play and cuddle with humans too! Please pick me to be your forever friend and loving companion. You will be so happy you did!

Age: Est DOB 11/21/20

Gender: Male/Neutered

Breed(s):  Domestic Shorthair

Weight:  6 lbs

Dog friendly: Yes

Cat friendly: Yes

Adoption fee: $125 plus tax