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Hi everybody! My name is Adora. My foster family says that is because I am very Adora-ble. They say my cutest feature is the very bright white tip of my tail and my big curious ears. I may be small but I am gaining a big personality.

I love to chase and copy my older foster brother so if you have a grown-up kitty in your home, I would love to try to be their very best friend too! I am still a little shy of big people but if you are calm and quiet, I like to take naps on laps. I am also growing to like cheek and neck scritches.

My favorite toys are tunnels that I can hide in and pounce from as well as toys that are dragged in front of me. Bigger toys that move on their own and make lots of noise are a little confusing and scary still.

While I am still too small to be harness trained with my foster brother, my current family has taken me on small trips in an enclosed pet stroller to the local bookstore. I really liked seeing everything while safe inside the stroller so I may grow into an adventure kitty yet!

I look forward to finding my forever home to grow up in!


Age: Est DOB 05/2021
Gender: Female/Spayed
Breed(s):  Domestic Shorthair
Dog friendly: Unknown
Cat friendly: Yes
Adoption fee: $125 plus tax

I will be available for adoption approximately 08/13/2021